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55 gallon living room tank

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This tank isn't quite grown in yet. A lot of the ficus cuttings and peace lilies in the pond area still need to get solid rooting before I add the frogs. The only frogs going in are my 1.1 leucomelas.

full of springtails and striped isos.
The land area is about 30 gallon footprint and the pond is probably the remaining 15 size.


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The tank looks great! Got any build pictures?
Sadly I don't have any build pics as the background was built almost two years ago and then it sat empty until a few months ago. I just started throwing in cuttings from all of my other tanks and some from the tropical section of my universities greenhouse and it just kinda slowly fell together. I will try to get a plant list but might need some help on some IDs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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