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5 weeks till Northwest Frog Fest

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Hey all,

Things are going along as planned for another successful Northwest Frog Fest. People are getting excited and there is a lot of interest in the show.
Advertising is going well, and we should have a great turn out of people. Lots of people from the Midwest and East Coast are coming out. The selection of frogs promises to be excellent as well as the plants, supplies, books and art. It should be a great time, if you are thinking of comng out I recommend it. We just have some great vendors comingto the show. And I promise that there will be plenty of great to stuff to be had when doors open.

Just wanted to post some info on the 4th Annual Northwest Frog Fest this August in Gig Harbor, Washington. Northwest Frog Fest or NWFF is a captive bred only amphibian show held once a year in Washington State. This year is special in that we will be having a special Friday night guest speaker. Patrick Nabors of Saurian Enterprises will be speaking on "Keeping Dart Frogs in Captivity: Notes on Several Topics." Patrick's talk will be Friday at 7:30PM in the Westley Inn in Gig Harbor.

On Saturday August 7th from 9:00 AM until 4:30 PM we will host the Frog Show. Once again at the Westley Inn at Gig Harbor. You can expect a multitude of talented frog breeders with their frogs for sale. There will be lots of darts and treefrogs for sale, some you don't normally see. Vendors are coming from around the country so there will something for everyone. There will also be some great plants, feeder insects, viviariums, frog supplies, amphibian art and books for sale. There is something for everyone whether you are a begginer or advanced hobbyist. We will also have many workshops throughout the day in a separate room that we have booked in the hotel. Black Jungle, Justin Yeager, and Tracy Hicks will be some of our workshop speakers. Once again we will also have a silent auction benefitting the MARS Preservation Fund to save rainforest land in Costa Rica. There will be much to do and see, it is a fun atmosphere. We hope to see you there.
Dave McLay ED's Fly Meat Inc.

If you have any questions or would like to be a vendor (there is still ONE or TWO tables left) feel free to contact the website or call 1-253-853-6328 for more information.
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