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46th International Frogday Dendrobatidae Nederland May 15th, 2011

For people who keep poison frogs and other frogs

Sale of poison frogs and other frogs
Vendors with plants (bromelia, orchids mosses etc), books and terraria supplies
Fruitflies and other feeding animals
Food and drinks

't Veerhuis
Nijemonde 4
3434 AZ Nieuwegein

Members of Dendrobatidae Nederland have free admission.
For others €5.00 a person.
The door opens at 12:00 o’clock.
Reservation of a table (1.5 metre) for the sale of frogs costs €5.00
The reservation should be made before May 07th, 2011.


No sale of animals, different than frogs and their feeding animals.
No sale of plants or other articles by non commercial vendors.
Wildcaught frogs are not allowed.
1 Frog per container.
Containers are not allowed to be opened.

Information and reservation:
E-mail: [email protected]
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