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40g Viv Build

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I just recently built a 125g viv and I tore apart my 40g for various reasons. Now it is time for reconstruction. The tank is just two 20g longs stacked on one another. Each one has a crack, but they were mended before the previous build w/o any issues, so I am not concerned about them what so ever. They are circled in red.

The eggcrate that I have one the side is going to be for the powerhead, which will cycle the water feature. I am always a sucker for water features, so any chance I can get I will add one.

I have some driftwood, cork bark, stones, and other supplies that I will post shortly, but for now this is what I'm working with.

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In the corner where the water hits you can probably just get the clay out of there clean that area up the best you can then silicon some thing in that spot.
Just take the plants out that can't handle the humidity and keep them as house plants. I don't need any plants except for maybe a few small tillandsia's
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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