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weekend update. finished the false bottom and siliconed it into place. left about a 1/4 gap between the glass on all sides too fill in with ada aquasoil. started working with my mopani wood and finished the internal air circulation system. had a 3 inch pc fan but i literally caught it on fire in the kitchen trying too wire it up lol. actually caught it on fire twice tried rigging it up again later haha. circuitry is real weakness for me. but here are some pics, its a slow build but ima do it right and put everything i want into this one.

false bottom istalled

look at the depth lol
looks like someone has been paying attention to Grimm's build :p
I can't wait to use this same air duct circulation design in a future build.

Just make sure you will still be able to get to your fan....I wish I would have :rolleyes:

looking great so far :)
I can't wait to see more
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