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Hi everybody,
I would like to share my journey into building my first Paludarium. I did take around 1000 pictures along the way and will add as much as needed to explain all the steps I did during the building process.
Building the Paludarium was a lot of joy and since it was my first attempt creating a visual pleasing and functional Tank, it also was a lot of frustration.

It all started while randomly browsing the web and coming across a picture of a Paludarium. I thought wow that looks cool, so I looked it up and did some research over the next couple days. Seeing more pictures and videos on YouTube, I made the decision to build my own. Daily I looked into classified ads, eBay and so on to find an affordable tank for my project since I wasn't ready to shell out over $100 for a new 40 Gallon Breeder. Most of the tanks offered weren't the right size or scratched up so badly that they just would not be usable.

2 weeks went by and I found an advertisement from Petco offering all tanks for 50% off. I did not had to think long, went on their website and ordered one for pickup.

So there it was:

Aqueon 40 Gallon Breeder
Lenght - 91.90cm (36.19'')
Height - 43 cm (16.94")
Width - 46.35cm (18.25")

Office supplies Automotive exterior Wood Shipping box Bumper

I did had a Cube storage which I planned to use as my stand since it had the perfect height, so when I sit on the couch I can look straight into the Paludarium.
The Cube storage I got a long time ago from Walmart.

Better Homes & Gardens 8 Cube Storage Organizer
Height - 78cm (30.7")
Length - 147cm (57.8")
Width - 39 cm (15.3")

The width was not big enough to fully set the tank on it, so I went to Lowes and bought a board (cut in store to length of the stand) plus some supplies:

Metrie 3/4-in x 20-in x 6-ft Square Unfinished Spruce Pine Fir Board
$ 32.53
Minwax Polyshade Espresso
2" Brush
Sanding Paper 9x11" 220grit

Plant Table Window Wood Rectangle

Sanded the board and applied the first coat of polyshade.

Brown Plant Rectangle Wood Table

The next day i filled the tank about 6" with water to test for leaks. After 24h and no leak, I pumped out the water. Got the pump from Harbor Freight :

158 Gallon Fountain Pump
5 Gallon Lowes Bucket
3/8" Inner Diameter clear Vinyl Tube

Plant Window Flowerpot Houseplant Wood

Sanded down the board before applying the second coat of Polyshade.

Table Furniture Wood Flooring Floor

Wood Table Flooring Floor Wood stain

I repeated that process for the next 3 days, sanded and applied 3 more coats until I liked the color and shine. I used the Polyshade since it does seal the wood, which I thought is a good idea because there will always be some water drops when working on the tank. The final result ended up like this.

Plant Table Wood House Rectangle

Window Audio equipment Cabinetry Gas Gadget

Wood Flooring Picture frame Floor Automotive exterior

Cabinetry Wood Flooring Floor Shelving

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The next step was building the lid. I created a 3D drawing in SketchUp which made it easier to measure, make adjustments and see what the final product will look like.

Rectangle Wood Flooring Hardwood Beige

Human body Rectangle Slope Font Parallel

I bought a 2' x 4' plywood at Lowes to build a prototype of the Lid.

ReliaBilt 1/2-in x 2-ft x 4-ft Poplar Sanded Plywood

Since I am living in an apartment I do not have the space for a miter saw, so I roughly cut out all the pieces with a jigsaw.

Wood Rectangle Table Flooring Floor

Black Rectangle Wood Grass Flooring

White Black Wood Table Rectangle

Table Furniture Black Rectangle Wood

Rectangle Wood Flooring Floor Countertop

I screwed it together and added a hinge.

Gatehouse Nickel Piano Cabinet Hinge
1-1/16-in x 30-in Satin Nickel

First test fitting on the tank and it turned out perfectly. All measurements were correct.

Wood Rectangle Floor Material property Wood stain

Plant Rectangle Wood Flowerpot Interior design

I will attach the SketchUp file so it will be easy to copy the measurements.

SketchUp File Hood Lid

There is a free Web version of SketchUp available at:

Free Version SketchUp

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Now it was time to get better boards for the Hood. I bought from Lowes( cut in store to length) :

1/2-in x 4-in x 3-ft Square Unfinished Pine Board (Cut to 91.5cm)
$3.96 x 2 = $7.92
1/2-in x 3-in x 3-ft Square Unfinished Pine Board
(Cut to 89.6cm)
1/2-in x 4-in x 2-ft Square Unfinished Pine Board
(Cut to 43.5cm)
$2.83 x 2 = $5.66
Minwax 1qt Oil based Espresso Stain

I ended up using the top board from my prototype since it was cut pretty straight.

Blue Azure Font Wood Rectangle

Hood Blue Azure Rectangle Wood

Gave them a good sanding with 220 grit sanding paper and stained them the first time.

Outerwear Textile Sleeve Wood Waist

Table Wood Rectangle Art Creative arts

After the first coat it looked like that.

Wood Yellow Floor Rectangle Flooring

So I knew the next couple of days I will have to repeat the steps at least another 3 times. Every night I sanded and applied 1 coat of stain letting it dry for 24 hours before sanding and staining again.

Brown Wood Floor Flooring Tints and shades

Wood Rectangle Food Wood stain Gas

Table Stairs Wood Rectangle Floor

Turned out pretty good. I the applied 3 coats over 3 nights of Polyurethane to seal the wood since I don't want water and humidity to break down the wood.

Polyurethane Semi-Gloss 1qt

Tableware Wood Flooring Gas Cuisine

I will continue the Story tomorrow, talking about how I put the lid together (a nightmare with a dowel jig).

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Staining and sealing of the Hood was done, on to assembly. I did not want to use screws or nails to put everything together since they will always be visible no matter how good you cover them up.
So I looked for a tool to get dowels into the wood to give the frame some strength. I found at Home depot a Dowel Jig and a dowel set at Harbor Freight :

Milescraft Joint Mate Dowel Jig for Corner, Edge and Surface Joints
Drill Master 1/4 In. Doweling Accessory Set, 34 Pc

Camera accessory Musical instrument accessory Auto part Plastic Font

Rectangle Electric blue Metal Electronics accessory Font

Having watched some videos on YouTube I thought drilling some holes will be quick and easy. But all of the videos showed how to use it on the long side of their boards, I however needed to get the holes in the end side of the boards which only has 4" and was therefore not big enough to get the dowel jig set up correctly. I tried clamping the board to the table and holding the Jig by hand but the holes were messed up. I tried clamping the board to the table, clamping the Jig to the boards but drilling two fitting holes were still impossible. I tried to measure the holes, mark it and drill by hand and they still did not end up matching. Hours later and frustrated as I was, I just drilled 6 holes in all of the sides of all boards and connected them by trial and error. It didn't look pretty but ended up working. The holes were covered anyway once the frame was assembled.

So I filled all of the holes with wood glue and dowels and cut off the end from the dowels I weren't using. Then added more wood glue and connected the boards.

Furniture Table Wood Chair Flooring

To apply even pressure and hold everything together while drying I bought from Harbor Freight :

PITTSBURGH 1 In. X 15 Ft. Ratcheting Band Clamp

Its basically a ratchet strap with 4 Plastic corners which you can easily adjust.

Rectangle Table Wood Gas Hardwood

Here is a picture on how to attach the Piano hinge to the lid opening.

Wood Floor Flooring Composite material Hardwood

After the dowel jig nightmare I decided no more dowel hole drilling and attached the top part of the Lid with corner brackets to the frame.

ReliaBilt 1.5-in x 0.75-in x 0.75-in Zinc-plated Steel Corner Brace (4-Pack)

Netbook Wood Automotive lighting Gadget Gas

Next up was attaching the lights. I got from Walmart 2 LED under cabinet lights with 1300 Lumens each. They are super bright, don't use a lot of energy, they were lightweight and did not produce much heat. You can link a couple of them together with the included cable so you only have to use one power cord for all of the lights you use.

Hyper Tough 1300 Lumen 24" LED Under Cabinet Light, Linkable
$11.97 x 2 = $23.94

Brown Amber Wood Eyewear Rectangle

Brown Wood Stairs Floor Wood stain

Netbook Laptop Office equipment Gadget Automotive exterior

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To protect the Lights from dust, dirt and moisture I bought a glass from Lowes. They did cut it instore to my desired length for free. The width of the glass fit perfectly to cover the whole area.

Gardner Glass Products 12-in x 36-in Clear Glass

Table Wood Flooring Floor Wood stain

To hold the glass in place I used corner braces with small pieces of floor protectors :

National Hardware 0.75-in x 0.5-in x 0.75-in Zinc-plated Steel Corner Brace (4-Pack)
$2.18 x 2 = $4.36

Hood Bumper Gadget Automotive exterior Flooring

Bumper Automotive exterior Wood Grille Gas

Bumper Automotive exterior Vehicle door Trunk Gas

In the meantime I was collecting some moss and Ivy.

Plant Green Ingredient Houseplant Cuisine

Plant Grass Groundcover Rectangle Shrub

I took of all the Leaves

Blue Azure Wood Rectangle World

And tied them together. I took that idea from RAF, he used heated pvc pipes with prolypropylene rope. His version can be found here:

RAF Vivarium build

Wood Creative arts Twig Art Fashion design

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For my background I used corrugated plastic from Lowes. Since this was my first Paludarium build I wanted to be able to have everything removable in case something goes wrong and I have to start over again. Nothing is glued in permanently.

PLASKOLITE 0.157-in T x 30-in W x 36-in L White Sheet

Table Wood Writing implement Automotive design Rectangle

Wood Flooring Stairs Grey Rectangle

Wood Rectangle Table Material property Flooring

I started to build some layouts out of cardboard.

Wood Automotive design Automotive exterior Vehicle Art

Furniture Table Window Wood Flooring

For my false bottom i used Eggcrate. It is affordable and easy to work with.

PLASKOLITE 24-in x 48-in 7.85-sq ft Louvered Ceiling Light Panels

Table Furniture Rectangle Wood Textile

I cut out a piece for the full length of the tank and around 11cm height.

Product Door mat Wood Rectangle Flooring

Product Wood Shelving Rectangle Wood stain

Furniture Table Comfort Wood Rectangle

To connect all the eggcrate I have used zip ties from Harbor Freight.

Storehouse 8 In. Black Cable Ties 100 Pcs

Composite material Urban design Font Wood Metal

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To support the weight of the Land part I used a pvc pipe. Cut to length and groved the top part with 4 slits.

Charlotte Pipe 1/2-in x 5-ft 600 Psi Schedule 40 White PVC Pipe

Water Blue Light Drinkware Fluid

Automotive tire Pollution Gas Engineering Composite material

Line Material property Cup Wood Fence

Since the pvc pipe did not give enough support to all areas of the false bottom I decided to use empty plastic container like these.

Table Wood Gas Automotive lighting Engineering

Aircraft Table Wood Toy Automotive tire

The ivy stems I bundled earlier where covered in silicone and peat moss which I baked at 200F for 1 hour to remove the moisture. I used 100% Silicone from Harbor Freight

DAP Clear Silicone Sealant
Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Peat Moss Moisture Control

Houseplant Plant Wood Tree Soil

I went into the forest to look for bark pieces and i found some cool stuff.

Food Ingredient Seafood Recipe Fish

Plant Wood Bedrock Table Trunk

I soaked the wood for 3 days in a bucket and change the water often. This removed some color and got rid of bugs which were hiding in the bark.

Drinkware Dishware Tableware Cup Serveware

After 3 days I took them out of the water and let them airdry for 2 days before backing them in the oven for a couple of hours at 250F to kill off whatever is left in the bark.

Food Ingredient Cuisine Dish Wood

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To attach the PVC pipes to the egg crate i drilled holes in the pipes and used zip ties.

Handheld power drill Pneumatic tool Automotive tire Fluid Drill

Wood Building Mesh Line Flooring

I glued the first piece with Great Stuff onto the background.

Great Stuff 3001 Gaps and Cracks Insulating Foam Sealant

Wood Art Tree Trunk Plant

The foam expanded way to much.

Food Cake Ingredient Recipe Aluminium foil

So I cut it off and removed the foam and started again. This time I added some weight on top of it to keep it in place.

Wood Art Natural material Fossil Luggage and bags

Wood Art Metal Tree Soil

Tableware Furniture Table Chair Tablecloth

Furniture Table Light Wood Hardwood

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From the dried foam i had leftover i thought a water feature would be nice. Another nightmare started. Failed attempt number 1

Gesture Sculpture Art Ceiling fan Plaster

I added more foam to the piece and let it dry for 24h.

Ingredient Cuisine Dish Food Recipe

I marked the location where i wanted the water to flow.

Wood Flooring Floor Art Gas

Then i made an overflow container which i planed to fill with a water pump and from the top the water will flow out to the water feature.

Table Flooring Ingredient Gas Wood

I carved out the back to fit the the container.

Gas Wood Flooring Toy Plastic

I then carved the foam for the waterflow.

Plant Flower Petal Ingredient Gas

Set it in the tank to see how it looked.

Wood Art Artifact Sculpture Rectangle

Attached my pump to see if it works.

Plumbing fixture Plant Wood Yellow Floor

It looked horribly and splashed water everywhere. So i ripped that whole thing apart and called it a night. The next day i was looking at the torn pieces of foam and thought lets try again.
I carved the pieces and put them together with toothpicks . Failed attempt number 2.

Wood Floor Flooring Event Hardwood

Food Ingredient Recipe Plant Cuisine

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Food Ingredient Dish Recipe Cuisine

No idea what i was thinking why that should look good or work. So i ripped it apart, again.
On to the next try. Failed attempt number 3.

Food Ingredient Cuisine Wood Soil

This time it looked like something atleast.

Ingredient Dish Cuisine Natural material Event

But soon, well after hours of carving and gluing, I figured I would get nowhere with this crap.

Wood Gas Rectangle Metal Pet supply

I will continue tomorrow with failed attempt 4 of building a water feature.

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On to the next try of creating my water feature. I started by spraying great stuff in lines to create a square.

Wood Floor Flooring Rectangle Tints and shades

I cut the foam to create a flat surface.

Wood Natural material Rectangle Creative arts Flooring

Added another layer of foam.

Tableware Ingredient Cuisine Dish Wool

Started to carve out steps.

Tire Textile Wood Automotive tire Floor

Furniture Chair Cuisine Artifact Icing

Glove Cuisine Ingredient Sculpture Chair

I carved the foam to make it look like stones. Quick look in the tank.

Rectangle Wood Art Creative arts Insect

I did liked how it looked so I covered the whole thing in Plaster of Paris which I bought at Walmart.

DAP Plaster of Paris Dry Mix, 4 lb

Food Ingredient Cake decorating Plate Cuisine

Liquid Bottle Fluid Drinkware Plastic bottle

Blue Sculpture Art Artifact Bedrock

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While the water feature was drying i started to make the 2 sides for the background. i added some great stuff under the bark and put some weight on it to keep it in place. The next day i filled the empty spaces with more foam. After one more day i carved the foam to remove the excess.

Stairs Wood Rectangle Floor Flooring

Brown Wood Art Floor Flooring

Wood Rectangle Textile Floor Flooring

Food Ingredient Cake decorating Cake Cuisine

I went to Lowes and got peat moss and Pine Bark mini Nuggets and also more Silicon from Harbor Freight.

Miracle Grow Sphagnum Peat Moss
Evergreen 2-cu ft Natural Brown Pine Bark Nuggets
9 In. Caulking Gun
DAP Clear Silicone Sealant
$3.99 x 4 = $15.96

Art World Paint Flooring Font

I baked the Peat moss in the oven for 1 1/2 hours at 200F and opened the door every15 minutes to let the steam out and mix it up a bit. The bark i sorted out since there was a lot of shredded wood pieces in there and I did not want them on my background.

Rectangle Plant Gas Food Table

Food Tableware Blue Recipe Ingredient

The next step was covering the foam in silicon, I used a hard brush to get it in all little spaces and then adding the Peat Moss and Bark nuggets.

Food Tableware Blue Hand tool Ingredient

Azure Blue Rectangle Road surface Paint

Rectangle Flooring Gas Ingredient Paint

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I let the background dry for 48 hours and worked in the meantime on my wavemakers. I added 2 of them to keep the water in motion so that there will be no build ups and all of the water will be filtered.
In the false bottom i added 2 cutouts for easier access to the wavemaker in case I need to take them out for cleaning or once they stop working. I covered the eggcrate with Window screen and sewed it on with fishing line.

2-Pack 480GPH Wave Maker Aquarium Circulation Pump Powerhead Submersible (Ebay)
M-D Standard 3-ft x 7-ft Silvergray Fiberglass Screen Mesh (Lowes)

Rectangle Wood Flooring Composite material Gas

Mesh Wood Flooring Line Floor

Gas Wood Mesh Composite material Cable

I removed the excess peat moss from the background by shaking it and lightly brushing it.

Brown Food Ingredient Rectangle Cuisine

There were some spots which were not covered so i applied more silicon and added more peat moss on these spots. While i let it dry for another 48hours i worked on the water feature and painted it with grey acrylic paint.

Apple Barrel Acrylic Craft Paint, Matte Finish, Grey, 2 fl oz

Tire Automotive tire Tread Sculpture Artifact

Automotive tire Bedrock Grey Wood Trunk

While the paint was drying I made more support pillars for the false bottom from the empty silicone tubes I had laying around.
I drilled a couple of holes in them so water will not stand still in them and build up dirt.

Fluid Gas Paint Electric blue Drink

I attached them with zipties.

Automotive lighting Automotive parking light Gas Flooring Wood

Table Light Product Rectangle Wood

Shelving Kitchen Wall Display case Automotive exterior

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Rectangle Wood Artifact Art Font

The cutout on this side of the false bottom will be covered with the water feature. I also did not add foam and peat moss to the background where the water feature will sit.

Road surface Rectangle Brick Flooring Floor

The other cutout on the other side will be covered by a piece of bark. i plan on running the power cable from the wavemaker and the filter input behind there.

Brown Wood Rectangle Brickwork Floor

Brown Pollinator Wood Insect Trunk

Here are some pictures with the background finished

Rectangle Textile Wood Sky Brick

Water Wood Tints and shades Flooring Brick

Water Building Wood Plumbing fixture Rectangle

From some leftover foam i tried to make a riverbed so the water will flow down there into the water area. I made a version from cardboard first.

Brown Rectangle Wood Flooring Floor

Food Kitchen appliance Ingredient Cuisine Home appliance

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I build a ramp from leftover eggcrate for the transition from water to land area.

Wood Floor Composite material Flooring Gas

Lighting Grille Automotive lighting Rectangle Composite material

Building Table Rectangle Wood Grass

I repainted the Water feature a couple of times. Here are some pictures

Automotive tire Tire Gas Ingredient Tree

Automotive tire Tree Art Sculpture Wood

Automotive tire Sculpture Tire Artifact Bottle

I added foam to the false bottom to create a rock ledge.

Plant Wood Rectangle Flooring Gas

And painted it to match the color of the water feature.

Table Furniture Tableware Tablecloth Wood

Tableware Dishware Table Kitchen appliance Kitchen

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Automotive tire Bumper Wood Automotive exterior Rectangle

I also glued some leftover foam together to create a cave which will hide the wavemaker on the left side of the tank and keep the small piece of false bottom above the waterline.

Food Ingredient Cuisine Dish Cream

Cloud Gas Ingredient Cumulus Cuisine

Flooring Floor Gas Wood Ingredient

I cut a hole in the cave big enough for the wavemaker to fit trough and painted it.

World Wood Amber Gas Brick

Some more rock ledge for the small false bottom.

Food Jaw Cuisine Dish Natural material

Wood Floor Sky Flooring Building

The whole painting took place over a couple of nights, while it was drying i started to wash and sort pebbles for the drainage layer.

Pavestone .5 Cu. ft. Bagged Pea Pebble Stones

Ingredient Packing materials Packaging and labeling Food Cuisine

I had to wash them about 15 times till the water was clear. There is a lot of red sand in there which will discolor the water area of the Paludarium if not washed properly.

Food Plant Ingredient Animal feed Seed

Food Ingredient Recipe Cuisine Dish

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I boiled the stoned for 30 minutes to kill off any bacteria which might be in there and strained them.

Food Recipe Ingredient Kitchen appliance Cooking

The next (not so) fun part was sorting thousand of pebbles in a couple of nights. There where a lot of rusty looking pieces in their which I did not wanted to have in my Paludarium since I thought they will release rusty metals into the water area which will mess with the water quality.

Food Ingredient Cuisine Recipe Staple food

Ingredient Recipe Cuisine Dish Plant

Bedrock Geology Building material Rock Soil

On to the plumbing, i got a Penn-Plax Cascade Aquarium Canister Filter, another 5/8in Vinyl tubing, some misting nozzles and connectors.

Penn-Plax Cascade 500 Aquarium Canister Filter
Misting Nozzles 6 pcs
5/8in ID Vinyl tubing
Brass Garden Hose Splitter
Rubber Hose Washers 12pc
1/4 in. NPT IM Brass Female Plug
Thread Seal tape
SharkBite 1/2-in PEX Crimp x 1/2-in MNPT Brass 90-Degree Elbow
SharkBite 1/2-in PEX x 1/2-in NPSM Brass Female Swivel Adapter
Mister Landscaper 1/2-in Polypropylene Drip Irrigation Female Adapter
Mister Landscaper 1/2-in Polypropylene Drip Irrigation End Cap
Mister Landscaper 1/4-in Polypropylene Drip Irrigation Female Adapter
Mister Landscaper 1/4-in x 30-ft Vinyl Drip Irrigation Distribution Tubing

Table Tableware Furniture Chair Drinkware

Camera accessory Gas Auto part Wood Cameras & optics

Automotive tire Liquid Gas Cylinder Font

Light Automotive tire Automotive lighting Auto part Gas

Font Food Plastic bag Packaging and labeling Plastic

Material property Font Space Plastic Cup

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I connected the Hose splitter to the Cannister filter output to split it for my fresh water hose and water feature supply hose.

Hood Automotive exterior Bumper Automotive lighting Cable

Automotive exterior Automotive tire Hood Tool Auto part

First i thought I could use the Cannister filter to supply the misting nozzle. I connected the 1/4" faucet adapter to the Filter output. They do require a low volume - high pressure pump to operate as I found out later. So that didn't work as planned.

Bicycle Crankset Bicycle frame Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel

I cut a opening for the Cannister Filter input tube.

Table Wood Tool Bottle Bumper

The I made a hole for the Filter output tube.

Wood Audio equipment Gas Electronic instrument Flooring

Hood Food Wood Kitchen appliance Plant

I did added the swivel connectors so that i will be able to remove the Hood from the tank.

Food Wood Gas Hardwood Cooking

To add the connectors to the tubing i covered them in clear silicone.

Food Chair Wood Recipe Ingredient

And tied them with 2 zipties.

Bicycle tire Automotive tire Bicycle fork Wood Gas

And cut off the ends.

Motor vehicle Bumper Chair Automotive exterior Gas

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Cannister filter output tube in place.

Hood Azure Automotive exterior Vehicle door Gas

I made a second tube for the water feature supply.

Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Automotive lighting Vehicle door Gas

Bumper Gas Automotive exterior Fixture Vehicle door

Office supplies Wood Bumper Cabinetry Countertop

Cannister Filter input hose in place.

Automotive exterior Vehicle Gas Flooring Wood

I drilled a hole with a Forstner Bit in the baseboard for the Filter input hose to fit through.

1/4 In. - 1 In. Forstner Drill Bit Set With 3/8 In. Shanks, 7 Pc.

Wood Automotive exterior Vehicle door Gas Tints and shades

Filter output hose and water feature supply hose.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Vehicle door Automotive exterior

Wood Audio equipment Gas Hardwood Machine

I drilled 2 more holes in the baseboard to fit these hoses trough.

Window Wood Automotive exterior Flooring Tints and shades

Electrical wiring Gas Wood Cable Wire

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Both tubes connected with the garden hose splitter to the Canister filter output.

Wood Floor Bumper Hardwood Gas

I ordered from eBay a 12 V low volume-high pressure pump kit which came with Nozzles, 12 V power adapter, Tread tape, a filter, some zipties and 1/4in tube. It supplies 1.65 gallon per minute.

Water Sprayer Misting Cooling System Electric Pump Kit With Filter

Bicycle handlebar Bicycle accessory Bicycle part Camera accessory Gas

Audio equipment Cable Font Wire Fashion accessory

Wood Cable Close-up Wire Auto part

Cable Electrical wiring Wire Electronic device Natural material

Circuit component Wood Electrical wiring Passive circuit component Cable

I attached the misting nozzles to the tank.

Brown Window Wood Flooring Floor

Wood Window Floor Flooring Gas

Wood Hardwood Flooring Wood stain Countertop
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