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First build, all from scratch. Cut glass myself from window scraps. Sides, top, and bottom are tinted. I figured this would work great since I plan to illuminate from behind (the back is normal transparent glass) and use cleverly placed mirrors to make the light come from the front, without the fixtures in the front. There will be extensive rock work and contorting roots to create pools and appear as a very wet bank of a stream. The mirrors are to help bring the light down the front, and cast onto the rock, roots, vines, ect; however, they will not be casting much of a shadow down, but backwards into the back ground. This will help the light to illuminate everything without compromising depth or structure. More will come as to the array of the mirrors.
48x14.5x14.5 in
That bead foam is just to take up space, so I could use less Great Stuff. I've used it in aquariums for years, and is not harmful; However, notoriously unstable under UV.
Don't be alarmed, that door has been removed. I have since learned about ventilation, piano hinges, and Sherman vents!
If you notice the gashes in the foam, they are below the water line, and they are sloped to the front. At approximately three inches deep, this will be my drainage layer. The bottom one inch will be gravel, and standing in the water at the base of the palu, screen will separate the gravel from falling into the water. The screen will be covered later. Appropriate substrate will be placed over all that, and eventually Ill use a complex root structure to hold that all in place and give the appearance of a stream side embankment.
Please note the horizontal roots that are holding dirt to the side of the embankment in the image above, I plan to do so similarly to create many caverns, cracks, pools, and planting spots.

Now I need help.
I have thirty feet of real vine, how can I sterilize without baking? (Apartment)
What are some palu safe acrylic paints?
What are some ways to keep the tanks temperature stable?

Thank you for your time, this will be a slow build!:D


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