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40 breeder terribilis viv

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I just finished (finished is a loose term since I'm not done yet) my 40 breeder viv for my orange terribilis. I thought I'd go ahead and share with everyone.

I started with the false bottom.

Placing the spacers.

I notch all the spacers on the bottom to make sure that water doesn't build up in them and become stagnant.

Next I placed the egg crate (light diffuser) and covered it with screen.

Then I placed my siphon tube and siliconed my wood in place.

Time for Great Stuff.

I placed some circular vents in my top.

Covered the GS with silicone and peat moss, added the substrate and I'm done. Sort of. After Christmas I'll be ordering plants, more leaf litter, and a light fixture.

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Whoa i like that wood cave! I might steal that idea but change it around a little if i find a nice piece of wood.
I love how you did the background with the cork placed into it. I really like the cave! Cant wait to see it grown in. How many terribilis you putting into it?
Nice! You have to keep us updated after you plant it. I have a 40 breeder I'm currently not using and your making it very hard to not go pull it out! Great job. :D
Thanks guys. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I have four terribilis that should be ready to move out of their 20L by the time this is ready.

Jay, glad I'm making it difficult for you to resist. This one sat in my frog room for seven months. I was basically using it as a table to sit my tads on while I fed. I decided it was time to get to work on it.

I'm probably going all green with the plants. Creeping fig, a fern or two, and whatever else catches my eye.
I figured I'd go ahead and update this thread. The tank is growing in nicely.

And the occupants.

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Very nice think its time for another FTS :cool: How many terribilis?
Thanks. I'll have to clean the front glass tomorrow and snap one. There is four of them in there.
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