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Let me start out by saying that I am a snake and tarantula guy. I travel around the country putting on reptile shows and helping herp societies. Never in wildest dreams did I ever see myself getting into frogs. But thanks to my good friend Travis at TCS Dart Frogs for giving me my first frogs and my friends Zach and Josh from Josh's frogs for all the advice..I AM ADDICTED!

Travis gave me 3 super blues and we built a 20 long together. It turned out spectacular and after that I just wanted more! Since I build tarantula cages and am known for unboxing videos, I thought it would be fun to start a build project and keep a photo journal for the fans and for those that could be thinking about getting into frogs. So that is what I did. Again thanks to Travis, Zach, and Josh for all the advice. Thanks to T-Rex Products for all the free dry goods. And thanks for all the fans that kept bugging me for photos. Ohhh and thanks to member Dartsami as I get my new frogs this Tuesday!!

Since there were over 50 pictures I decided to throw them up on FB and keep them in a public gallery instead of bogging down the forum with HQ pics. You can click the pic and I have added comments on all the pictures. Since I am a newbie I would love your to see what you think :)

Tank Build: 40gal Dart Frog Project | Facebook

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