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Here is a pic of my 37 gallon tall vivarium. Its has been on and running for about 3 months. Has a few neo broms that have grown into the background, an orchid that is unknown that i picked up from local plant shop listed simply as small orchid lol. But, its actually started to bloom! :0 some bamboo, creeping fig and creeping jenny growing into the background and i just added some philodendrum. Substrate is a mix of coco fiber, orchid barck, sphagnum, peat, and aquatic soil. Has a 2'' drainage layer of hydroton seperated by no see em mesh screen. Has a custom cut glass top with no vents. (considering adding a vent) but I live in the pacific northwest were the heat runs 9 months out of the year so its really dry in the house. I plan on adding lots of leaf litter and moonsoon system which i just ordered :) I originally had built this with darts in mind but am open to all suggestions of critters that would do well in this environment...Would like a small group or pair of critters whatever it ends up being....Oh and temp will run 70ish and has t5 lighting. Himidity should stay above 85%....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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