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Decided it was time to move the terribs into their new viv today. Not as grown is as I'd like but hopefully everything will start taking off once they are rooted. Here is a pic of the tank now
Rectangle Wood Plant Pet supply Aquatic plant

Here is a couple pictures of the frogs exploring:
Botany Wood Terrestrial plant Trunk Plant

Light Plant Automotive lighting Event Landscape

First thing I notice is that do huge jumps, way bigger than the smaller viv allows. Here are the three biggest jumps I witnessed so far:
Wood Rectangle Art Glass Electric blue

Purple: solid 16" across, but probably 10" down
Blue: at least 20" across and 10" down
Red: 8-9" vertically

Already I am very happy I have upgraded them, just seeing them use their full physical abilities makes me realize I made the right choice.

Even though there isn't much plant cover, they have already found lots of spots in the leaf litter that I can't see them. I've got a good 2-3 layers of maple with 1-2 layers of magnolia on top.

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Figured I'd give an update a few weeks in. They are doing great, and they are way more active than in the smaller tank. I hear and see them jumping about all day. They use the upper ledges often (one in particular probably spends over 50% of the day on the upper ledges, while the others definitely use them daily). I really enjoy how much more active and seeing how their behaviour has changed. I definitely notice increased foraging.

Again, super happy I moved them to a larger viv, and I know it is on the care sheets that a footprint of at least 36x18 is recommended, but seeing the difference for myself has been eye opening. If you got your terribs in a small viv, upgrade them and you won't be disappointed! Keeping a bunch of open space has also been super good to see their massive leaps.

I suspect I've got at least one female (middle sized), as when I occasionally play frog calls it will sometimes hop around trying to find it. I think the other two might be one female and one male, as the largest one has very similar body shape to the middle sized one. The smaller one is leaner and has a sharper, more pointed back (which I'm told can be evidence of a male?). I'll try and get some photos. They are all at least 13 months now, so hopefully find out soon!

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Here are some closer pictures of the three:
Suspected female 1 (middle sized, often follows a calling recording around the tank)
Plant Leaf Botany Terrestrial plant Flowering plant

Plant Flower Botany Terrestrial plant Flowering plant

Plant Vertebrate Phyllobates Terrestrial plant Reptile

Suspected female 2 (larger, rounder, curved back)
Plant Botany Organism Terrestrial plant Wood

Plant Vertebrate Leaf Wood Organism

Frog Eye Phyllobates Poison dart frog Plant

Suspected male (smaller, leaner, not as round in the belly, more pointed back - often more pointed than this photo, often hides when calling recording is played)
Frog Terrestrial plant Terrestrial animal Amphibian Reptile

Lizard Natural landscape Wood Sunlight Reptile

Any thoughts on the sexes?
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