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Recent member, but longtime love for and fascination with these amazing animals. With this project, I went ahead and ignored the received wisdom -- not exactly proud of it. The frogs seem to be enriched by the water-wall in some ways -- leucomelas climb anything and everything, and they chill in the two-inch pool of water at the bottom once a day or so. Nevertheless, when I get the chance to redo this tank in the next year, I'll be doing away with the water feature. It uses way too much space in an already limited-sized tank, and it doesn't reflect the environment these animals would otherwise find themselves in.

I set up this vivarium around a year ago using the classic egg crate false bottom technique, constructing a chamber for a pump and filtration system on the right side. This system feeds the front-facing water-wall. Temperature typically hovers around 70 degrees F, humidity around 70-75%.

The tank houses two lovely leucs named Freckles (F?) and Fern (M?), who are both around 14 months old. While I'm leaning toward sexing one as female and the other male, I don't think my eye for that is very reliable. Any opinions on this are welcome. They're both active frogs, and they get along really well. They eat 40-60 melanogaster flies every other day or so, maybe 5 days a week. I also installed a small computer fan in the top left corner, which has helped circulate the air in what's essentially a repurposed fish tank.

Plant Terrestrial plant Organism World Aquatic plant

Here's a full shot from the front. I'm not using the best camera, but I've set it up with a few common plants, namely philodendron, along with some air plants up above. Mostly a mix of moss, leaves, and driftwood on the ground level, with some gravel, too, leading into a small water section at the base of the water-wall. Soil is a mix of sphagnum moss, peat moss, charcoal, and some coco coir, seeded with springtails and isopods.

Frog True frog Plant Toad Organism

This is Freckles, who's been the more active and energetic of the two since the moment she(?) climbed into the tank.

Organism Terrestrial plant Plant Terrestrial animal Flowering plant

Freckles climbing.

Sky Wood Asphalt Mesh Flooring

This is a view of how I access the filtration, ideally without disturbing the rest of the tank.

Plant Terrestrial plant Flowering plant Poison dart frog Macro photography

Freckles (again...)

Plant Terrestrial plant Flower Terrestrial animal Flowering plant

This is both Fern (foreground) and Freckles (background). Fern is much shier.

Plant Leaf Botany Terrestrial plant Snake

Fern above an air-plant which recently bloomed. As you can tell, something's been eating the plant behind him.

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Looks like you’re already aware of some changes that probably need to be made. Congrats for being able to admit that!

I don’t keep frogs, but I have made several vivs out of aquariums before. Air exchange can be an issue with these. If you’re going to renovate the enclosure in the future as you said, I’d suggest adding a few vents to the side(s). They’re easy to drill and install.

Also, using some ABG, gravel, etc would probably make a better substrate choice than what you currently have. Your mixture likely holds water waaaay too well.

Just a few comments meant to help.
Thanks for these suggestions. You’re spot on about the substrate. At this point, the base of the tank is a mix of gravel and lava rock, at least in those areas in the front without egg crate, but the substrate above it does tend to hold a lot of moisture.
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