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Wow wow wow that tank was amazing. I did have interest in the plumbing and filter systems for ghat tank. It was fantastic! Very wel done and I hope to aspire to that level one day!!!!! Wow.

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Awesome tank! Sorry you had to break it down :/

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thats a great tank. thanks for such indepth detail on how you created it. sorry to hear you had to take it down. I was wondering if you had anyshots of the plumbing?

thanks and hope you've able to bring some rainforest to nyc


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I know that I am resurrecting a really old thread and that The Deeb has long since donated this tank, but I happened to find a picture of it on a website from Indonesia where the poster claimed that they made it as well as another (probably also a stolen picture) and are offering their services making paludariums.

So unless The Deeb moved half way around the world its pretty sad.

Edit: Here is the post translated:
Product Description
AquaStigma aquarium design services provide professional services and support because we make the whole of the existing ecosystem, starting from the aquarium to the entire life support equipment of the ecosystem. The team from Aquastigma can provide expertise and time for services that you don't get elsewhere.
Our services are also available for housing, offices, hotels, restaurant hospitals and others. The services we provide are new installations, redesign services, aquascape maintenance services and consulting services and you just have to enjoy them.
Do you want to show the water park to your beloved family's favorite room ?? AquaStigma will give a nuance of the water park to your favorite space, for those of you who are busy in the office you can give a natural touch to the living room or lobby office with an aquascape aquarium and sea water aquarium.
we can do the installation:
Design Aquascape
Design Paludarium
Design Vivarium
Design Aquarium Ornamental Fish Freshwater
Aquarium Design Ornamental Seawater
Do you have an old aquarium that you want to update? As well as added an ecosystem or do you want to redesign or redesign your tank?
We can do:
Redesign Aquascape & Sea Water Aquarium
Old aquarium cleaning and revamping services Equipment repair
services or equipment that has not been used for a long time.
Maintenance and design consultations for Aquascape
Maintenance Services
Maintenance / Maintenance Services
You do not have time to take care of the aquarium at home or in the office? We can help you
Regular visits for replacing water and trimming
Algae cleaning
Care and checking equipment
Replacement of plants and fish if needed
Adding coral reefs to saltwater aquariums
We serve aquascape design for all cities in Indonesia, and for maintenance / aquarium maintenance services only for Depok, Jakarta and surrounding areas. The size we design is from 60cm to 4 meters.
Please visit directly to our gallery / workshop, or contact us at:
Phone / wa: *************
To get offers about aquascape design and aquarium water services, check our portfolio to see the design that we have done.
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