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I own and use zoomeds. I know for a fact that ff's escape through the cracks of the door.

I am doing 2 builds, 1 for a family member and one for a friend. Their tanks are exos.

My questions are;

1. Can the ff's escape thru the top screen? (Glass cover doesn't cover it all) so if they can escape, what should i do for that 1 inch gap? My zoomeds i had the pieces cut myself so its completely covered.
i would remove the screen top all together and just silicon a 1/4'' or so thick piece of glass leaving about 1- 2'' gap at the back and make a vent. this is what i did. for the vent i used some window screen(not metal) and made a frame out of an old Rubbermaid tub lid and silicone it into place.
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