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3 Pics...

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Opinions, comments?

Thanks for looking,

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On a public forum like this, copyright law can seem like such a pain and totally counterintuitive. It is really frustrating that there are limitations on doing things that are as simple as copy-paste or right-click-as. Sometimes I even miss things. Thank you everyone for understanding. One picture or article isn't worth the hurt that someone, with a bug in their ass, can bring :)
Digital watermarking:
Never got to grips with this before but this discussion inspired me yesterday. Found this: ... ermark.htm
Needs Photoshop, but then very easy to do.
BTW, love your photos Kyle.
Yes I do this in the bottom right of my photos, and rather not ruin the overall look by putting it in the center, What I was talking about is like this:

They have actually dropped the prices a good amount I may have to start using it...
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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