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After not building any tanks for 4 years or having any frogs for nearly 3 years I am redoing my 29 gallon tank. What follows below is my attempt at constructing a decent viv. Before I begin, I am planning on getting P. Vittatus for the tank, probably 4-5 depending on availability and what people recommend.

This is what remains of my last build. The right side was supposed to be a pond area. It never worked out as well as I had hoped. Anyway, I ripped out everything that was in this tank. Kept the wood to clean and reuse. Im throwing the substrate and dried plant matter in the garden and I throwing the GS background in the trash.

Next is Im gathering my materials. PVC connectors, egg crate, weed fabric, GS foam, silicone (two different types of brown), a pipe to get below the false bottom, ABG mix for substrate, and another mix for the background.


My plan is to get a canister filter. Run the intake tube from that to under the false bottom. Then, have the outtake come down on the 3rd piece of wood in the picture above and let the water run down that like a waterfall. At the base of the wood, Im going to use a combination of gravel and high sand substrate in order to let the water pass through the substrate to back under the false bottom without wicking throughout the whole substrate. Im not sure how that will work. The pump should arrive on Monday, which means monday night will be all the fun of testing it, and finding out the proper way to position the piece of wood. Once thats done, Ill incorporate it into the GS background. We'll see how this goes.

I hope to post again as soon as I figure the pump out. Until then, please feel free to criticize and ask questions.

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