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29 Gallon Bowfront...gone through some changes.

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So I've had this bowfront for the past couple years now. It's gone through some changes and no denying, a few periods of neglect during some life things, moving etc (lame excuses basically).

Originally I wanted a paludarium with small fish and a single species of dart. Found out that wasn't exactly what I wanted/what worked with the design so I changed it to a smaller water feature and then eventually down to a little pool that now fills up quickly from the new mister. All of these pictures are just about right after I redid the tank so not much growth is shown as it had just been trimmed or removed.

Started out with a pair of BL Vents from Josh's in 08/09 then moved those into a tank I built for work and replaced them with a trio of Leucs late in 09 from Regal Reptiles in RI:eek:. Since then every time I've moved a Leuc was lost, so now it's down to one and she needs a tank mate which I will be working on soon.

Current Shots

Just got these guys in for another tank I'm working on. This time the look needs to be right the first time;)

Hope you like!
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Last shot of the tank looks really good - very natural - nice frogs as well. They are next on my list.
Thanks, I'll definitely post some more pictures when the Tills, moss and ricca start taking hold.
Yep, looks much more natural now.

I love the bowfront tanks! I have leucs in mine also.
looks good, although i think live oak leaf litter would look great instead of the moss...or even ontop of the'll make it more natural...
I really like the first configuration. It was freaking sweet and clean looking.
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Got a new tank mate last night for my lone Leuc. Very probable that both are females but the new frog I got from hhimmel was originally sold from Black Jungle as a probable male so we'll see if anything develops soon. Note the difference in body length. Also no calling from either frog ever, both are around 2yrs old.

New Leuc on bottom

Also saw some strange behavior from the original who seemed more skittish than normal, hesitated on feeding etc. No aggression either way though;)
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A bit more difficult to sex leucs. Here I thought I had 3 females in a 4 leuc tank and it turned out 2.2. I also did move 1 female in another enclosure and she passed. I had a total of 5 of them for over 2 years in the same enclosure. I still have the 2:2 ratio, but in 2 separate tanks. Hope you have the 1:1 leucs too. Nice viv!!
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