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I have a three month old exo terra 24x18x18 vivarium, built to hold a few Dendrobates leucomelas 'Fine Spot' - Bumble Bee dart frogs (although that can change anytime). I'm not planning on having frogs in there until the plants are fully established, so maybe in 2 or 3 more months. This is my first vivarium.

I have a drainage layer of expanded clay balls, barrier screen, and a mix of Eco Earth, sphagnum moss and organic soil. I also have a exo terra large waterfall, which I do not use for water any more due to too many leaks.

I have some large pieces of wood in there, along with a lot of plants. I have Wandering Jew, Streptocarpella, Syngonium, Selaginella, a few bromeliads, and two or three others I can't remember the names of.

I also have a ReptiFogger connected to a hygrometer, and a fan that turns on a few times a day for 3 minutes at a time just to turn the air in the tank for the plants. Probably unnecessary. I have the fogger hose connected to pvc pipe to split the fog to both sides of the viv.

For lighting I have a ReptiSun LED UVB hood. It has a UVB 5.0 bulb, but this will be changed out to a Ultra Sun Trichromatic Super Daylight bulb, which will be much more beneficial.

I have a thriving colony of springtails in there. I should have a thriving colony of isopods too, but they're the dwarf purples, so they're very small and I never see them.

I'm planning on getting a couple Bumblebee millipedes sooner or later, just to add to the awesomeness.


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