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20g hex

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Hi guys,
I've been lurking this awesome forum for a while but never posted any of my vivs. Sadly I didn't built this for frogs, but maybe you'll convince me to get some :D

Before planting


Plants I used:
Purple: Tillandsia bulbosa
Pink: Peperomia prostata
Yellow: Peperomia puteolata
Blue: Ficus pumilia
Red: Selaginella kraussiana 'aurea'
Green: Pteris cretica albolineata
Not tag'd: Helxine soleirolii, Riccia fluitans, Peperomia rubella,
Ficus sp. Panama, Marchantia polymorpha & other random mosses.

Peperomia prostata & puteolata:

The background is GS covered with dry coco-fiber. I did a black silicone base to hide the GS and on top it's brown silicone.
The coco-fiber patches been painted with a moss mix that I made with buttermilk. I find beer not enough thick and too drippy when painting.
There's an internal air circulation fan and I'm planning to build a modern hood with LED soon.

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Great job on the hex. Like how you decided to branch out from the typical stump design. I do like how the cork comes out of the background. Only if it came out farther, then it would look better. If it came out a lil bit farther then you would had your self a place to more broms. Overall, great job. Im looking into making a hex tank myself.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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