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20 Long Tinc Tank - 2nd build

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Had some free time so I have been working on my second build, another Tinc tank. It's a 20 long with a false bottom and a great stuff/mopani wood background. This is my progress so far:

Don't mind the mess on the table...

Figured I'd take a break from it's construction and get some input on my progress so far. I have already realized I forgot a way to drain the false bottem... I'll probably cut a whole and use some PVC pipe with a cap on it. I plan on having the substrate slope upwards towards the rear left and i'm thinking about removing that slopey thingy on the left and just stair stepping or ramping the false bottom up. I am also still adding/carving great stuff so that's not quite final yet.

It would be great to get some constructive criticism and suggestions as I have a 40 breeder that I'm going to be starting on soon for some Leucomelas.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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seems like you have the know how. im big on the pvc with the cap. i use the 1 inch and i found a have type cap for it.
Yeah I think the PVC will work out. Maybe I'll use some great stuff and try and make it look like a rock or something...
It's been a while since I updated but here is what it looks like currently:

Here are the plants I used:

1) Peperomia verschaffeltii 'Mini Watermelon Peperomia' (started from single leaves)
2) Columnea 'Carnival' (Also started from a leaf)
3) Peperomia Trinervula
4) Philodendron wendimbe
5) Strawberry Begonia of some kind
6) Cryptanthus Sp.
7) Anthurium 'Mehani' (only about 80% on this being the correct name...)
8) Pepperoma sp. (The tag wasn't very specific)

I might change a plant or two if needed but for the most part I think its time to let it grow in. Any comments or suggestions?

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the tank looks swamped with leaf litter to me. I think a smaller leaf and not so much would make it look a little better imo, it just looks like there's way too much to me. I would put a couple plants that have a hint of color in there, looking very green to my eye but that's just my opinion. I like that wood, what i try to do with wood in a tank is have it run back to front instead of horizontally along the back. By running it back to front it adds depth to the tank especially if you do it an angle.
i have to disagree. i think there is no such thing as too much leaf litter. the frogs will benefit
Thanks for the replies and yeah, there are a lotta leaves in there but I'm trying to get the microfauna established so it certainly won't hurt to have so much. I may take out the sea grape leaves though, they're huge! Got them for the first time to see how they look and I think they may end up in my 40 gallon when I get around to setting that up.
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