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Here are a few recent pictures... some things new, some things moved, some upgrades. (ultrasonic humidifier, intake/exhaust fan, pair of compact florescent's. One bulb at 6500k and one at 5000k) I am almost ready to add a pair of Azureus. Last thing holding me up is that I'm waiting to move into my new apartment and will need to do some renovations to it. I rather not neglect the new little guys till I finish up with that. However, here it is. It's nothing you all haven't seen b4 but it's a start! =)

Front Left

Front Right (whoops one of the tilly's are falling off)

Top with 1 inch slit (my simplest "fix" which keeps the front glass clear) No more friends coming over and looking at a fuzzy tank and squinting to see beyond that. I figure I'll just cover it back up when I'm feeding to deter FF escapee's

Front side (before and after)

Full tank shot (still have to add some water to the pond area)

Youtube Linky to fogger on
YouTube - 20 Gallon High Terrarium Ultrasonic Fogger

Here is another youtube linky with the Fogger and Fans on. It shows the air circulation/movement well. (but not to normally leave both on at the same time). I'm thinking maybe have it set to turn on before the fogger is due up so that there will be fresh air in there before it get blasted with new humidity/fog.
YouTube - Vivarium/Terrarium Fogger and Fan Air Circulation

P.S: Any constructive criticism or comments are welcomed.
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