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This is our second installment of large format vivarium construction methodology.

Vivarium design requires a lot of thought in regards to a number of challenges:
  • Weight
    • Transportability (Risk)
    • Customer ease of movement
  • Strength
    • Ability to withstand service loads, as well as customer environments, including moving (without damaging)
  • Leak Free
    • Assembly processes often bury leak paths that are impossible to locate
    • Bonding materials and processes often aren't optimally chosen, resulting in weak bonds, corrosion, and a number of other service problems
    • Redundancy is highly desired to avoid problems
  • Customer driven features
    • Customers often want unique features to account for paludarium, drainage, background, and other aspects
The success of an assembled vivarium primarily lies in the design of the joints and processes used to bond them. At In Situ, we use aerospace process technology and materials to bond the various components together. Key aspects of this approach include:
  • Selection of materials capable of being bonded given surface preparation and adhesive materials used.
  • Surface preparation materials and methodology
  • Process methodology to assemble and bond the various components.
Aerospace design approach also factors chances of failure with respect to key features. In the case of vivarium leakage, assembled components are very difficult to guarantee to be leak free. So, we apply a secondary urethane coating to the inside of the vivarium and its joints to guarantee no leakage. This approach also helps us include key features, such as raised sloped decks that ensure plants do not sit in water, as well as to reduce weight by displacing what would normally be stagnant water, LECA, or other filler material.

Large Format Vivarium Prior to Feature Addition

Rectangle Home appliance Gas Output device Computer monitor accessory

In this picture, you can see the layout of the urethane liner, prior to Customer feature additions.

Large Format Vivarium Build Process - Tank Construction

Wood Shade Rectangle Gas Machine

In this picture you can see the tank in its build up process.

Large Format Vivarium Build Process - Customer Features Prior to Urethane Liner Installation

Rectangle Gas Tints and shades Technology Electric blue

This picture shows foam placement and vivarium preparation for the Urethane Liner.

Large Format Vivarium Build Process - Completed Tank Body Construction

Composite material Gas Engineering Cooking T-shirt

This picture shows the vivarium tank body post urethane liner application, as well as the beginning of surface preparation for the background installation.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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