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Just finished the planting stage of my first vivarium. The tank is a 20G long. (Don't worry about the low lighting :idea:, it was subdued for the picture because the CF bulbs put out such harsh light :)). I will try to get some better photos with something other than a digital point and shoot when I get the frogs and have some time to mess with the photos/lighting.

The picture doesn't reflect that fact that the vivarium is much more 3d and layered than it appears in the photo.

I am still looking for some plants to grow up the back and around the water feature and should be picking a pair of D. auratus 'Blue' next weekend.

Thank you for the inspiration.


Looks awesome! Be sure to get some pics with the CF lights on so we can see it better! Be ready for that Cryptanthus to turn bright red on ya, itll look great.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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