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18x18x24 zoo med

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Ive been a member now prolly about a month now,I have been doing a lot of research on tank construction and different frogs. There are some awesome tanks on here. I bought the zoo med 18x18x24 at petsmart while they were on sale and got a digital thermometer and hygtometer as well. I then attended the Daytona Beach Reptile convention where I picked up hydroballs, soil, moss and filter materials from JP(feelin froggy), great guy and gave me some awesome deals, I also picked up a nice piece of driftwood from him. For the back round I used GS, silicone and coco fiber. This was my first build and I learned a lot from some mistakes, I think it turned out pretty good though for my first build. I then picked out my plants from walmart and from Tropiflora. I got some great bromeliads from Tropiflora and some great deals. I think I may of over planted and still have a few extra plants that did not make it in the tank, but I think it makes it feel more natural and gives plenty of hiding spots for the frogs. I still have to add some leaf litter and I am waiting for the tank to settle in and then pick up some frogs. I am thinking about adding about 3 leucamelas. any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated since this is my first build and Im new to dart frogs I still have a lot to learn.

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Looks good!!! Although it needs a nice thick layer of leaves...
thanks, I had some leaves that I got but I left them in the bag too long and they got mold on them, so I am either going to get a new bag or try rinsing the leaves off and then put them in there. dont worry though ill put the leaves in before i put the frogs in
Looks really nice. I like the plain background with bromeliads. Looks like a cork tree panel on the background. Plus the landscape looks awesome. Three leucs would be great but i think either a 2.1 or a pair of any tinc would look better just because of the background,IMO. Its up to you. Leucs are semi arboreal species so they like to climb and such. Auratus an be also a choice.

I dont really think you need some leaf litter. Just because of the moss that's growing and it the tank looks amazing with the moss.

Heres my first viv that i built for leucs.
Thanks. I know it's kind of hard to tell but I have a few ledges and the piece of drift wood gives some height and climbing room for the frogs. I looked into tincs but all the reviews said they were a little tougher to take care and since these are my first frogs I wanted to do something a little easier. I just want to provide what ever frog I get a natural habitat and make sure they are happy and healthy.

I took a look at your tank and it looks great I definitely like the ledges with the drift wood. It gives it a lot of height and character.
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Looks really nice man!!! Hey who did you get that super sweet piece of driftwood from??? wink wink HAHA!

Really good job though. I think a trio of leucs would love it!! I'm pretty sure Bill Schwinn will be at the Fire Show or someone will have them! Just tell them you're from Dendroboard and they will take care of you!!

Leaf litter is a good idea even with the moss. It gives the frogs a place to dig down in, which they will, and hide. It also provides a good base for microfauna which I know you're working.

Again, great job. I know you've introduced yourself and made a few posts but welcome!! its great to have another new member!!
just a few quick updates, I picked up all my bugs. I got the melanogaster fruit fly kit with two cultures, two things of phoenix worms, and some spring tales from Josh's Frogs, I also picked up some leaf litter and some termites from JP feelinfroggy. Then this weekend at the fire show I picked up the frogs from Bill Schwinn, I ended up going with three Surinam Cobalts. I also picked up some more moss i dont know what kind it is exactly but it is kind of feather like.
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at first they were out and hopping around but now they have started to hide only coming out when I put the flies and termites in. They love their bugs, I put in the termites in Sun afternoon and went out for a little bit and came home and they had eaten them all up. I would definitely recommend them. Ill post some more pics of the updated tank when I finish adding the rest of the moss and some more leaf litter.
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U sure about cobalts, from the color....maybe it's the camera looks like green sips
I think it's just the light and camera. It was taken from my iPhone. They are definitely cobalts though from bill schwinn.
Just a quick note, I did an inventory of frogs returing from the show and there were 2 sipps missing, and 2 cobalts present, which means somehow at the show there was a mix up. I did get an e-mail from Chris and advised him of this and asked him how he wanted to handle this, or if he is ok with Sipps. He let me know of this thread, Bill
A- HA, I knew it lol, Well im glad you cleared that up Bill, btw my green sips are doing great im gonna post some pics of them soon!
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I guess I was wrong, like Bill said there was a mix up at the show, I ended up picking up 2 sips and 1 cobalt, I have already contacted him and he was very apologetic and is willing to set things right. Now I just have to decide which one to keep, if you could posts some pics of your sips that would be great and helpful to help me make my decision. also if there is any opinion on what frog species is better or just a personal preference.
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