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18x18x24 R. Varadero build

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I've been meaning to start this thread for a long but haven't had the time. I started this build awhile back and have kept a pretty good picture log. So here it goes.

I had treefern, cork bark and Malaysian driftwood that I wanted to incorporate. I realized that this may be a bit busy but I just had to give it a shot.

It's an 18x18x24" Zoomed. I started by figuring out the layout

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I just stumbled upon this post for the first time and browsed thru from beginning until now... wow! What a journey. I was looking for some inspiration for my next build, and I found it.

Couple questions for you: I want to make a similar size viv for thumbs. Have you had any aggression issues along the way? I have R. Imitator Tarapoto (a pair) but want to have more frogs in an 18x18x18 or 18x18x24. Wondering if I should switch to a better behaved group frog.

And 2: what's are the boards that you put on the sides of the viv for the plants to grow up called? And how do you get the vines to grow up them?
Good points Socractic. After having done more reading, I'm leaning towards a more group-friendly frog like R. Variabilis so I don't have to worry about social interactions so much. As much as I like Imitators, I'd rather have peace of mind not worrying about fighting.

And I second that, thanks Chris for the stories and all the great photos of the evolution of your viv over the years!
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1 - 2 of 131 Posts
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