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Not a dart frog viv but construction, layout and pretty much everything was inspired by other members on this forum so thought it would be cool to share.
My inspiration for this build was done by another member, do not have the link, but was an awesome setup for his gecko so thought I would do something similar.

I decided to go with a Exo-Terra for my growing crested gecko. Easier to access than a vertical conversion tank and built in ventilation which is a plus.

I wanted to place a couple of potted plants in the background so I used the black pond and stone great stuff method.

I started by applying silicone to the back. I find that it makes it easier to act as a template to where everything will be placed on the background. The ghostwood was found at bloomsandbranches, those guys were really helpful and let handpick a few pieces of wood.

figured out where I wanted everything to be and foamed in the background.

I decided to go with a partially vented top for this tank for two reasons. One being that glass will allow more light to pass through as opposed to the exo terra screen top and secondly to allow for more RH within the tank.

Went ahead and drilled the glass for two mistking nozzles.

I found these two AC Infinity fans work great over the top screened section of the tank. Right now I have them on during the day and off at night which helps retain some warmth within the viv if it gets a little cold.

Freshly planted, most of the plants for this were found at a greenhouse nursery here in CA so they were already relatively good size.

Here is the setup as it stands today, definetly one of my favorite builds so far and hopefully will be a good home to my crested.

And bonus shot of Kaya.

Thanks for checking it out
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