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Hey guys. So, this is my first build log so be nice! Here we go!

Tank: 18x18x18 Exo-Terra
Lighting: Haven't decided, suggestions please
Background: GS covered with Coco fiber
Plants: Philodendrons, creeping jenny, lots of broms, mabye some pothos, creeping fig, ferns, wandering jew, and probably some more later on
Frogs: Either some Almirante or some Ranitomeya

So, here are the picturesf what of that I've done so far. More pictures to come tommorrow b/c I have a half day and then a day off from school! :D

Thats with the the GS sprayed on.

Another view.

The materials so far. 1 can of GS, 1 bag of Coco fiber, and the vent that I need to modify.

Also, will this bromeliad grow to big or is it unsafe for vivariums?

Thats all for today! One question... Can I use Dap 100% Silicone Rubber Sealant??? Or is it not ok?

Thanks for looking!
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