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18 Gallon Cylinder build

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There has been some talk lately of doing a cylinder build. It sounded like some fun so here we go. I started off with a 3/32" x 24" x 48" sheet of Lexan.

3/32" X 24" X 48" Clear Makrolon Tuffak Lexan Polycarbonate AM

I marked both ends with the same layout points and then drilled a bunch of holes. With Lexan this thick it took a little help to get it rolled up and the bolts in place but you get the idea. I then covered the exposed bolts with pond foam to protect them from water and the future frogs residents from the bolts.

This tank is going to be a horizontal so I fabricated a couple of ends out of 1/2" OSB. The cylinder has a diameter of about 15" so I made the ends 18" square. Its hard to tell from the picture but each end is 2 pcs. I routed out one pc so that it just fit over the end of the cylinder. Once the ends were made they got 2 coats of Drylock.

This one shows on end glued on with the screens in place. The holes will be used for an internal air circulation system that I will outline later. The big square hole will be the door, so you will access the tank from the end.

One of the things that drew me to doing the build this way is the fact that I should be able to stack the tanks. You heard me a frog room with no bakers racks.

If the gorilla glue will hurry up and dry I might get a little more done tonight. I know I won't get anything done next week. My son has a soccer game every night but Wednesday.

Feedback is welcomed.
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Pretty good idea, I like the idea of the door on the side. I would have cut a square of lexan at the top and installed hinge and knob on it to make my door.
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