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Discussion Starter · #1 · is please to offer these 9, 11 & 13 Watt LED light units to fit most common incandescent fixtures.

FIT Zoo-MED, Exo Terra as well as Aqueon and Perfecto incandescant strip lights and hoods.
NO extra transformers needed or expensive ballasts to buy unlike other costly LED contraptions.

Quality LED Lighting is NOW AFFORDABLE!

Currently all sizes in stock.
They are BRIGHT and will GROW Plants.

The NEW "Jungle Dawn" Models have a mixture of 6.5 AND 4.5k diodes for a slightly warmer light - blended to approx. 5.9k-6.2K.

Designed and made exclusively for

They also can be added as supplemental lighting as well used in a nano or compact hood / "pod' light to grow plants.

LOW HEAT OUTPUT= Now you can add more light without danger of overheating small vivs.

LOW ELECTRICITY consumption. Save $$ on electric bills.

Please visit to read more about them.

NEW Jungle Dawn Mixed Diode 6.0+/-K

9 Watt
Jungle Dawn 9W LED Screw In NEW 6.1+/-K For Planted Vivs!

11 Watt
Jungle Dawn 11W LED Screw In NEW 6.1+/-K For Planted Vivs!

13 Watt ** Plenty in Stock ** Super Popular!
Jungle Dawn 13W LED **IN STOCK & AVAILABLE**

Please feel free to e-mail with any questions.
I check e-mails much more often than forum PMs, so you will get a quicker response if you e-mail [email protected]

Thanks for looking!

A quick shout out to Jason at Evolvstll Dart Frogs in California for becoming a LED retailer. Thank you!
And a quick shout out Rob at Little Frog Farm too for testing with Orchids and being a retailer in the mid west. :) Thank You!


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