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I have had this for a few weeks now, and the tank has been sitting with some plants and wood in it.

I began by taking all that out, and removing the track holding in the front ventilation. Slid some window screen in there, and while I was at it took the door off so it would open the other direction. All the wood was previously processed, and I went ahead and tucked some sphag and epiphytes where I could. While everything was waiting.


This piece of cork in the back was originally a 12x18 flat. It was a hair too wide to fit, so I broke off 1/3 longwise. First thing I did was dump in the leca, which was used to apply upward pressure getting it as flush with the top as I could manage and center. The BG clay is a premade mix I picked up, and I began using it like mortar. I started packing it in on either side working my way up until I was pretty sure it wouldnt go anywhere.

The wood layout I had been planning on didnt quite work out by the time the clay went in, but I am pretty happy with this layout. Went through and packed sphagnum into whatever crannies I could find.

Went through and packed down and built up the clay some more before moving onto planting.

It's all pretty basic, and I tried to stick with some smaller plants to minimize pruning.

Peperomia Fragerlindi (thanks again Mark)
Peperomia Prostrata
Peperomia Cupid
Selaginella Serpens
Callisia Repens
2 noid Microgramma (one of these also from Mark)
Pilea glauca
Masdevalia Erinacea
Pleurothallis Costarecensis
Noid mini Philodendron
Alocasia Tiny Dancer

Last step, was sealing off all the ventilation with plastic wrap. The instructions that came with the clay say to leave it like this for 3 months or so.
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