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Id redo alot of that honestly.

for one. the flowered Vriesia rarely do well in vivs.
the Neoregelia is shaded way too much and thats a very high light plant.
the Pothos you have in there is eventually going to get way too big and you wont have roomn to enjoy it growing. It will eventually be wout of balance with the viv.
The orchid planted on the bottom will most likely rot out.. they dont like having their roots wet constantly(You would have to let this tank get bone dry between waters for that to even possibly work long term)

The plants you left out of the viv are honestly probably going to be much better choices for your tank.

I agree with all of this. I know it sounds a little harsh but most of the plants you chose aren't the best viv plants IMO. Also planting more lightly in the beginning will look much nicer in the long run IME.
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