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I currently only have Leucs. I've kept aurotaenia, auratus, bicolor and imitator in the past
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I like this idea and I hope you continue with the build.

I understand that some people think this. But I'm going for maximum realism here. You wouldn't find a palm tree within half a meter of a giant vertical wall anywhere in the area on which this is based.
If this is going to be against a wall you could have a background that is a picture of the area you are trying to replicate attached to the outside of the back glass panel, like what is done with aquariums.

At a first glance the Naturalist website seems great for finding plants.
I love iNaturalist for finding kayaking, fishing, hiking and foraging locations. Want to find a nice fishing/kayaking location? Center the map on your area, search for a fish or aquatic plant species and look around. Want to help a Venezuelan coworker find Asimina triloba fruit that reminds them of the Annona species that they miss from home? Show them iNaturalist and a topographical map of the hiking trails in the park that has a lot of iNaturalist data for Asimina triloba.
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