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Now is the time of the year to buy orchids. Only this time is good. Why? Because orchids should only be transplanted when they begin growing root tips. I learned the hard way, and killed my orchids by moving them during their active growth. The roots die off and will not grow back until NEXT year.

however, an orchid that survived is beginning to grow roots and is perking up in my new DIY the photoperiod is increasing.

Its best not to put anything attached to the root ball of the orchid in a vivarium, or it will rot off. Daily misting of RO water or distilled is a good idea, and it should root to cork. I wouldn't attach it to coco panels, as it will get too wet.

Phaleonapsis is your best bet because they like it warm. Dendrobiums and others will grow too tall and need cool nights to flower.
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