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Hi everyone,

I've been reading this forum for months, and finally decided to build my own paludarium. I've thought of buying a 50-60 g tank, but it happened that I've found an old, rusty and hard stained aquarium in my gf's family garage. So, I guess this small 10 gallon tank would be my first paludarium.
I'm gonna house a few fish, maybe some shrimps. I'm not thinking of frogs right now, because I believe the tank, and especially land area might be too small. So this is going to be for plants and fish. When I have a bigger tank, I will definitely buy some frogs :)

So far I have:
-two types of (styro and polystier ?) foam
-aqua silicone

I still need drylok (i's crazy expensive in my country), substrate, something for fake bottom (no eggcrate in europe, as you've already know), moss and plants.

Here's my tank:

I carved foam for my background. It's only a rough carving, after the silicone cures, I'm gonna finish it:

Here's how it is more or less supposed to look like when siliconed to the glass:

In the last photos you can see a rough sketch how it might look. Water level might not change a lot, but I'm still nt settled how much land area i'm gonna leave. Its either 1/3, or 1/2.

There will be a waterfall over the cave on the right, and the pump will be hidden in the left. I'm planning on doing at least 2 directions of waterflow, we'll see how it goes.

That's it for today :)

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After finishing my bachelor thesis, I finally have time to finish this tank. It's been a while since I've done anything, but after couple of months, I did this:

* Bought all the necessary materials;

* Changed design a little bit. It's not gonna be a cave. I've decided that I'm gonna make a very small land area, and use my tank space mostly for water piece. At the moment I'm not sure if I'm gonna be keeping any frogs, so the land piece in a corner will work as practice area for my future paludariums;

* Finished carving styrofoam;

* Finally today I applied last (third) layer of tiles cement. I only had white tile cement, so I added some black pigment, to get this grey shade. First coat was watery, second one was mixed thicker with some sand, and third one was mixed only with tile cement powder and water again. Now I'm letting it dry, for 1-2 days;

* Bought a filter with pump; bought a lamp and equipment; bought substrate for water plants;

* Also made a custom lid for my tank. I'm planning in painting it black in the next few days.

What I still need:

* To paint my lid, and install lightning; to buy substrate for my land piece; wait for everything to cure in water, and slicone everything together :)

Below you can see progress so far. Foam pieces are drying in my tank and lid.

Question 1 - I'm gonna be using acrylic paint for my lid. Is it ok? can the humidity affect the paint?

Question 2 - my lightning equipment has these plastic C shaped holder for the lamp. Aren't they gonna melt from the lamp temperature, and fall of from my lid?
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