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Last night I put my pair of imitators into a 15 tall vert I have setup for them. I have wanted to see what a 1.2 would be like so I added another female this morning.Well, all hell has broken loose with the two females wrestling.So, do you think I should get the extra female out or see if their disagreement will pass in time?
I had heard that having them in trios like 1.2 would increase breeding activity but wouldn't that mean more tongue flicking of eggs and other problems?
I know watching the females go at it has cranked my male up.I guess watching women wrestle does the same for me so I know where he is coming from :lol: :lol:

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I have found that imitator do best in 1.2 groups. I have never seen any fighting in my group, I think it helps their breeding. My panguanas (similar to imitator) are 1.9 and they seem to do fine, laying right next to eachother all the time, in fact they always seem to lay in the same spot. I have never witnessed any egg eating in panguanas or imitator.
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