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Hey guys, i´ve been having trouble feeding mealworms to my frogs, the male, which is less jumpy, has taken a couple from my finger tips, whereas the female (which hates me :lol: ) hasn´t been the least interested. I have tried placing about half a dozen in a dish on the bottom of the tank; they´ve simply ignored it.

i know you´re going to tell me that mealworms aren´t a good food, but i think they have a good amount of fat and can act like a nice suplement to the cricket diet, also because i want them to pack a few pounds before breeding season comes. I dont intend on feeding them mealworms exclusively, but only on a 9 to 1 proportion.

¿Does anyone know about agalychnis eating mealworms?

¿Is it even possible?. If so, ¿HOW?

Thanxs a lot.
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