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  1. IMG_0018.jpg

    P. terribilis 'Blackfoot Orange' -- adult females during a serious contest over hierarchy after being moved to a new vivarium. They calm down inside of a day but must be watched to ensure no animal is bullied for too long.
  2. IMG_3650.jpg

    P. terribilis 'Blackfoot Orange' -- adult females in what was a brief (less than 30 seconds) dispute over territory. This bout was triggered during feeding and was over food rather than rights to a male.
  3. IMG_6215.jpg

    P. terribilis 'Mint' -- adult males dispute territorial rights. This combat was sparked by energetic calling from multiple males.
  4. IMG_6511.jpg

    Female P. terribilis 'Blackfoot Orange' -- excited during a feeding frenzy, adult females during breeding season will often pounce on or spar one another over prime feeding grounds. These bouts are usually quite brief and instigated by one or two dominant animals.
  5. Dendrobates
    I got a leuc from a guy who claimed it was a proven female. I then introduced a male who started calling almost immediately. The male will wrestle the supposed female for long periods of time, smashing the other frog. I separated them for the time being. Is it just possible I have two males and...
1-5 of 5 Results