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whites tree frog

  1. Tree frogs
    As of today I noticed he had a bright green splotch on him that looked strange, should I be concerned? He eats food and turns brown when awake, he turned more brown and it's harder to see.. but I think some green is still present. He seemed active enough to run away from me and reposition...
  2. Tree frogs
    Howdy - So, a friend has a couple Whites Tree Frogs (WTFs) and wants me to build them a vivarium. I know nothing about WTFs. Can anyone give me some general do's and don'ts for this species? I've done a bit of looking around, but can't find a whole lot. - Tank Size? I read 20g is good...
  3. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    This is my first paludarium buid that i used spray foam for back ground with a buit in waterfall and drip wall and drilked overflow with sump. This type of build always made me afraid i woud make a big mess and toss it in the trash but i finally decided to give it a go and so far i am pleased...
  4. Food & Feeding
    Hey I know this post isn't about dart frogs but I am going to the store in a few hours so I wanted to see if I could get an answer before I leave. I just purchased three baby whites tree frogs and want to make sure I am getting them the correct supplements. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks