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  1. Plants
    Hello everyone, I have a created gecko vivarium and noticed a few mushrooms pop up in the past. I know that this is normal but the whole drainage has been taken over. What should I do? All of the drainage was originally brown btw
  2. Parts & Construction
    Long title I know. So I recently started a build- Exo Terra 36”h x 24”l x 18”w. It’s a beast. The biggest vivarium I have done. I used 3 cans of great stuff-with some wood to create a background. Waited a couple days. Everything looked great. Carved it up, and finished it off with a coating of...
  3. New Members Introductions
    Hello, long time lurker, finally decided to join the community and interact. My name is Tony. Currently have a few bumble bee dart frogs. Figured I would show you all my brand new tank too. It is a 250 gallon tank fully planted. Just finished building it yesterday so I'm gonna wait a few weeks...
  4. General Discussion
    Hello, I have two tincs in a 29 gallon vivarium. I had originally built my background on a piece of foam board and then added it to the tank. All was well, frogs were happy and plants growing well. The foam board started to break down and the background began to sag forward. Because of this I...
  5. Parts & Construction
    Hi all, Would love to get your thoughts on my current plan. So first the idea. I want to set up a paludarium for Vietnamese Mossy Frogs. Some guidelines I want to try to folllow Vivarium is 100*40*90cm (LxWxH) I want full moss growth, so very high humidity Bottom part will be a peninsula...
  6. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    Hi everyone, I just got my vivarium going about one week ago. Plants are in and I have springtails and dwarf white isopod cultures in there too. Humidity has been 85-99% with temps 73-81 F. I noticed green/white mold starting to pop up yesterday on my cork throughout the tank. I have a picture...
  7. Beginner Discussion
    While we're all home, we're housing the Frog vivarium that's usually at my child's school. Prior to their coming here, one of the frogs (a Yellow Banded dart frog) passed away. We're looking to get another to go with the Santa Isabel who is still alive and doing well, but am wondering if that'd...
  8. Parts & Construction
    Looooong time lurker and first post! I'm trying to recreate Raf's vine background ( ) because it looks undeniably amazing. I'm trying to stay as true to the formula and technique as...
  9. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    Thoughts and suggestions for my Benedicta vivarium? My first post here. Thank you:) Ben
  10. Plants
    Hello again, friends! The vivarium is COMPLETE! Decided to make this a separate thread from my old one since this is the final product (for now). I named it "Visions of a Cloud Forest" because every single plant comes from South America, with emphasis on those that come from the cloud forests...
  11. Plants ^video of them in action I've had some issues with plant death in my (non-frogged, yet) vivarium and noticed some mites on the glass, didn't think much of it based on the (many) threads I've looked at on the topic... but then I saw these guys that...
  12. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    I figured I would post this vivarium in the finished builds, since,except for a few minor details and changes, it is almost completed! A few threads are posted in the Construction Forums and New Members section. Our main enclosure is a Custom Aquariums Amphibious Aquarium, the largest one (so...
  13. Plants
    So basically i'm looking for a good lighting option for my future 18 by 18 by 36 viv. I've heard good things about the Aqua Illumination Fresh Water, has anyone worked with it?
  14. Beginner Discussion
    So i've kept some basic geckos and tree frogs for about two-three years. And I wanted to start keeping and (if all goes well) breeding dartfrogs. I have a 20 gallon long that i've put aside to start this endeavour. I had my heart on setting it up vertically. But with further research, Ive...
  15. General Discussion
    Thanks for all the positive feedback and being so welcoming on here...I personally appreciate it a whole lot. We are getting out the word on our vlog and build of the HUGE vivarium, The Rainforest Exhibit! We hope all of our friends here will go to out YouTube Channel and subscribe and hit the...
  16. The Rainforest Exhibit with canopy and stand

    The Rainforest Exhibit with canopy and stand

    This is right after we placed the glass enclosure on the stand and then topping it with the canopy.
  17. The Rainforest Exhibit w/o the canopy

    The Rainforest Exhibit w/o the canopy

    The Rainforest Exhibit before being placed on the stand.
  18. Artist, MAG, next to The Rainforest Exhibit

    Artist, MAG, next to The Rainforest Exhibit

    Artist/Designer, MAG, standing next to The Rainforest Exhibit before it was placed on the stand.
  19. Rough Sketch of The Rainforest Exhibit

    Rough Sketch of The Rainforest Exhibit

    One of the original sketches used to design the exhibit.
  20. New Members Introductions
    Huge Vivarium 60"Tall x 60"Long x 48"Deep (with stand and Canopy 100" Tall! The Rainforest Exhibit is being built in the largest Amphibious Aquarium that Custom Aquariums has ever built! Without the stand and canopy it is 60"Tall x 60"Long x 48"Deep. With the canopy and stand it measures 100...