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  1. General Health & Disease Treatment
    How important is it to sterilize plants? I’ve rinsed all of my plants (they are all from Neherp, except some clippings from a wandering Jew I have kept inside my house for a couple years). I’m not super worried about hitchhikers, I’m more worried about bacteria. None of my wood has been cleaned...
  2. Plants
    Hi I have had this plant for 3 moths now it puts out new leafs but they end up dying after a day my viv substrate is really wet right now and there is little air flow air flow here I some pics of the Biophytum sp. Ecuador
  3. General Discussion
    I made a bioactive viv about 6 months ago and put rehydrated forest moss as a layer on top. The moss started as a faded greenish yellow color and is now brown. I use treated tap whatever whenever watering the enclosure and it is very humid in there. Will this harm my frogs? Should i replace the...
  4. Plants
    Hello, I was looking at putting some broms in my display tank to color it up and make it look nicer. It is my first build, so it is a pretty small tank so I can get a feel of how to make it. It measures 20x10x12, and I was wondering how many small broms I could place in it. I was thinking 2, and...
  5. Parts & Construction
    Hello! I was looking for some suggestions/ideas/recommendations for a vivarium setup for O. pumilio. My enclosure is 18x18x18 with a clay substrate and a cork tile background. I've purchased 2 guzmania broms and a selaginella fern to go inside. Any recommendations on what else and how to set it...
  6. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    This is the 18x18x24 exo terra I just finished planting last week or so. As of now it houses 2 female R. imitator Chazuta, while I wait for a male to pop up for sale. Hopefully I'll get good growth soon to cover up all that exposed epiweb. Thanks for looking.
  7. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    So this particular tank/build isn't for dart frogs; it's for hatchling mourning geckos. General husbandry for hatchlings is keeping them in pairs in a deli cup, but I wanted to see if I could push this any further. :) -------------------------- Build #1 Initially the build used the original...
  8. Parts & Construction
    Today I ordered my 48 by 24 by 30 viv, I was interested in knowing what the water feature in Justin Grimm's peninsula did.if you have any tips or tricks for my first viv that would be awesome! Thanks guys!
  9. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    Been a while since I have done a build and shared :) Picked up this EXO a while back and had my Sonoran Desert Toad in it until I traded it off. Been sitting in the garage since then. I brought it in, built a stand, and cleaned it up. So far have stripped the screen tops out and built the...
  10. Parts & Construction
    Here's my start to a 40 gallon viv for a customer. This tank will house 4 dendrobates auratus 'highland bronze' it will have a mistking misting system and a small waterfall and pond. The light is a Fluval 6500k led light, not sure the exact name, but it lights the tank pretty well so hopefully...
  11. Parts & Construction
    So I have an old viv I had going a few years back but was 'out of commission' due to moving. It is now dried up with no plants in it. Here is a pic of when it was up and going. Now I plan on fixing a few things up. There are a several key updates I want to get done and hopefully all of you...
  12. Parts & Construction
    So I was just wondering if anyone has kept dart frogs in those small acrylic display containers you see at reptile shows, usually for tarantulas. I know everyone here likes to have those huge cool vivariums but I was thinking about something simple for a desktop planted with moss and such...
  13. Parts & Construction
    So the hardscaping is all done for my vivarium (first one!) and now here comes the lighting question. I was considering the 36" exo terra top, mounted in the middle of the tank and using Jungle Dawn 15w LED bulbs in the fixture. Anyone have any experience with either of these two? Or have any...
  14. Identification Forum
    I realized there were a lot of this small round bugs covering a leaf. As much as I'd like to think they're baby springtails, I'm concerned they're a type of mite. Maybe theres a piece of food I can put in the viv so they'll congregate on it. Any ideas? Sorry about the poor quality Bug in...
  15. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    Looking for pictures of horizontal vivs that have some cool work with cork tubes. Anything helps! Building a tank for some vitattus
  16. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    Hey everyone I thought I'd share this illustration I did for one of my final projects. Let me know what you think :D Also My website is finally up and running. I have prints and custom commissions available to anyone interested. If you're not come check me out anyway. Thanks for everyone's...
  17. better days

    I did this tank in 2001 and tore it down to redo lin 2011.
  18. Dendrobates leucomel tank

    This tank did quite well as a Leuc community tank, I did not get but a handful of offspring but I just le the tank go all I did was feed them The time did the rest.
  19. a one year old tank

    an early picture of a potentual dart frog tank
1-19 of 33 Results