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    I'm looking for a viny terrestrial of some kind that is tolerant of non-organic matter, if such a thing even exists. This is the setting I'm trying to get it grow up, although it's not a perfectly up-to-date photograph: ^If you note the two castle pieces on the bottom, those are what I'm...
  2. Identification Forum
    Hi! Would anyone be able to identify this plant. Closest I got to identifying it is the genus, and that's just guessing (thanks to Wikipedia). I think its a Pothos sp. Just don't know the specie. Got it from Negros, Philippines. Thanks!
  3. Plants
    I'm at that stage with my vivarium now where I'm trying to decide what plants will go in there. It is for a Red eyed tree frog tank, and I am content with either plant sampler from Black Jungle or Spring Valley Tropicals. What I'm going to do is mount a large branchy manzanita to the side...