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  1. Plants
    I have a vivarium that I keep around 60-75 degrees w/ 70+ humidity . Use a small beam works light for my air plants. I don't have much experience with plants and have had no luck trying to find a vine plant with small leaves and low light requirements that I can use to grow in my background and...
  2. Plants
    I'm looking for a viny terrestrial of some kind that is tolerant of non-organic matter, if such a thing even exists. This is the setting I'm trying to get it grow up, although it's not a perfectly up-to-date photograph: ^If you note the two castle pieces on the bottom, those are what I'm...
  3. Identification Forum
    Hi! Would anyone be able to identify this plant. Closest I got to identifying it is the genus, and that's just guessing (thanks to Wikipedia). I think its a Pothos sp. Just don't know the specie. Got it from ******, Philippines. Thanks!
  4. Plants
    I'm at that stage with my vivarium now where I'm trying to decide what plants will go in there. It is for a Red eyed tree frog tank, and I am content with either plant sampler from Black Jungle or Spring Valley Tropicals. What I'm going to do is mount a large branchy manzanita to the side...
1-4 of 5 Results