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  1. Blog
    My wife and i took this trip in 2010, and recently I have been look back through some photos for inspirational on a new build I have been working on. Thought i would share. I apologize upfront, I'm no photographer. What I came for! Granulifera Quepos Tracked this guy down by following his...
  2. General Discussion
    I have to go on a trip for 4 weeks and don't know what to do with my frogs while I'm gone. I don't leave until the beginning of December so I still have some time to plan for my frogs, but I'm worried about what to do with them! I only have two tanks, which isn't a lot compared to most of you...
  3. SouthEast
    Hello, my family and i are planning to go on vacation from July 27-31 and was wondering if someone in the Orlando, FL area, would be available and willing to care for my two tinctorius citronella while we are on vacation. I would supply you with a fruit fly culture to feed them.:eek:
1-3 of 4 Results