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  1. Tree frogs
    1.What species ? How long have you had the frog(s) and where did you acquire them ? Tree frogs, 10 days. Pet smart 2. What are your temperatures (day and night - highs and lows) and how do you measure those temperatures? What lighting is on the enclosure (brand, type, wattage) and does the...
  2. Tree frogs
    Hi! I’m a new frog owner I bought two tree frogs from pet smart ten days ago with a really big enclosure misted constantly kept the temp at 80 but one died :( I don’t know why but I feel really bad about it and one is still alive would it be okay to introduce another animal? I also think it’s my...
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    Green and Eastern Gray
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    Tree frog Vivarium
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    Eastern Gray Tree frog
  6. Plants
    Can someone tell me of a good high plant I can but for some tree frogs in my exo terra 36x18x36.
  7. General Discussion
    Hello I've had my paludarium set up for almost a year. It's in a 30 gallon breeder and I've been trying to think of some type of frog to put in there and I don't know what I can put in there. Any suggestions would be nice, I'll post a picture of it later when I get home.
  8. West
    Hello forum: I'm fascinated by these nocturnal treefrogs (Imbabura) and I'm currently sculpting one as a learning exercise. Does anyone have one of these frogs in Seattle area? Would you be so kind as to let me look at it and take some reference photos and/or videos? After I sculpt your frog...
  9. Tree frogs
    I know that Cuban tree frogs will eat just about anything that can fit into their mouths, but what about a fully aquatic frog like the African dwarf? If a Cuban Tree frog was kept in an environment that includes these little dwarf frogs would they eventually become lunch? I'm sure the dwarfs can...
  10. Tree frogs
    Can anyone give me some better ideas on what I can feed my red eyes? I am so sick of having to go to the reptile shop to get crickets. And also my cat can't seem to leave the crickets alone! So I would like to. Get something that I can breed easily. I was thinking some kind of beetle or...
  11. Beginner Discussion
    I am new to the hobby and just got a new frog. It is a clown tree frog and it is brown with beige spots and I know that they can be dark red and light yellow so I just wanted to know what I should give it to enhance its color. I haven't found any color enhancing supplements so I just wanted some...
  12. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    Here it is, all finished! For those of you who are antsy scroll down to the bottom and see the final result, or take your time and read the log. I know it's not as technical or as fancy as what's been posted before, but I'm sure you all can at least appreciate the work put into it. Either way...
  13. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    Hey guys, i´ve been having trouble feeding mealworms to my frogs, the male, which is less jumpy, has taken a couple from my finger tips, whereas the female (which hates me :lol: ) hasn´t been the least interested. I have tried placing about half a dozen in a dish on the bottom of the tank...