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    I have a pumilio 'saltcreek' tad that is at morphing stage- just a bit of tail left. Was doing fine until a few days ago and didn't look quite right. Took pics and posted them on fb frog groups, and consensus is that it is bloat. I've since increased flushing out canisters with tad tea...
  2. Swollen tadpole day 4

    Swollen tadpole day 4

  3. Swollen tadpole day 1

    Swollen tadpole day 1

  4. Swollen tadpole day 3

    Swollen tadpole day 3

  5. Sputnik in tadpole recompression chamber

    Sputnik in tadpole recompression chamber

    50 PSI, nealry 3 1/2 atmospheres equivalent to ~120' depth fresh water.
  6. Tadpole recompression chamber

    Tadpole recompression chamber