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  1. Parts & Construction
    Hoping to get some advice on how to go about sealing the top of my tank while using a canister filter. The tank is a standard 90 gallon aquarium with open top that will need to have a glass cover on it. I am going to have a small water feature on the left side of the tank and 3 inches of water...
  2. Parts & Construction
    What's the maximum safe hole size in 3/16" glass for ventilation and how many can I have. Where should they be located in the lid? This is for a two piece 20 gallon high. Would a few 3/8" holes work or do I need to go bigger? Thank you!
  3. Parts & Construction
    Hello Everyone, I am making a new top for one of my tanks and have a plastic hinge that I siliconed to the two pieces of glass. The hinge is the kind that just extends over the top. The glass has a 1/4" gap between the pieces. I need to figure out how to plug that gap at least at the ends to...
  4. SouthWest
    I need 3 pieces. I dont have exactly measurements but I need 2 at about 20"x18". The 3rd I am looking for about 20"x20", cut in half, hinged and with a handle to open it. Any recommendations for the San Diego area?
1-4 of 4 Results