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  1. General Health & Disease Treatment
    I woke up this morning and went to check on my frog, I misted the enclosure, as the humidity was in the low 70’s, but then found my tomato frog. He was dead, and dried out next to the cage. I have no idea what killed him, I’ve been regulating temperature and humidity well, and I’ve been feeding...
  2. General Health & Disease Treatment
    I noticed that one leg of my tomato frog isn’t tucked in like the other one, I dust my crickets in d3 calcium and he just ate after noticing this so idk what could’ve caused this. Any help?
  3. New Members Introductions
    Hello, I got a tomato frog for my son a week ago. We've had fish and a leopard gecko before, but never frogs. We just lost him today and I'm hoping to find out what went wrong. We have a 10 gal tank, kept the humidity between 60-80%, heat at the lowest prob went to 65 (we live in Colorado and...
1-3 of 3 Results