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  1. Toads
    Does anyone know the scientific name or actual name of this toad, right now I have it in a 20 gallon bioactive tank.
  2. Toads
    I was wondering if anyone has had experience keeping bumblebee walking toads before and if so, what are your thoughts on them? Are they good pets? Easy to keep? Hard to keep? Active? Lazy? Also I had no idea if this is even a reasonable thing to suggest, but does anyone think you could or have...
  3. Toads
    I found a male southern toad in my yard (We find them all the time but it was dark and I almost stepped on him so I took him inside to make sure I didn't hurt him) I decided to go ahead and keep him and I named him Bob. I googled what he eats and its a long list. Well I really don't want to...
  4. Toads
    Had to post my beautiful leucistic Southern Toad. She sure is neat to look at!
  5. Toads
    Hi all, has anyone any information on wbbt, what types of set up they have to have, breeding them. I have research some stuff on the internet but just wondered if anyone is keeping this type of toad. Cheers
  6. Toads
    Hello, I'm not sure this is in the right area since FBT's aren't actually toads, but frogs, but I saw another FBT post, so I think I'm safe. On to my question: I just built a background for the 10 gal where I'm housing my firebelly toads, but now I'm upgrading them to a new tank. I'd like to...