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  1. Tree frogs
    Hello frog peeps 🐸💗 I’m moving!! I’ve read a lot out there of people road-tripping to move across state borders with their frogs. But I’ve read a lot about moving dart frogs and not a lot of tree frogs! And obvi dart frogs need more humidity and higher temps, etc I have a ~1 yr old healthy...
  2. Beginner Discussion
    Hey, It's my first vivarium and I'm planing on keeping 2 or 3 dendrobates auratus in it. All the dirt in my vivarium is currently covered in moss spores and I'm waiting for it to grow. The plants on the ground are placed temporarily because I don't know where to put them. Somehow I don't like...
  3. Plants
    This is my first build i made myself. Any suggestions ? Plants are peacock fern, p emergenella, purple passion, marcgravia , rhaphidophora pachyphylla, oak ficus , begonia bandit, begonia burkilli, rabbit foot fern, pillow moss, callisia repens, pilea depressa, neoregalia
  4. New Members Introductions
    Hello again! I was wondering if anyone has experience with R. Benedicta and would share some tips or general care. I have all of my basics down and was just wondering about other people's experience. Thanks!
  5. Beginner Discussion
    Hello everyone! I just started getting into the dart frog hobby a couple weeks ago, and i'm absolutely infatuated by these exotic amphibians! I've built a 40 breeder vivarium and added springtails to it; i also recently ordered 4 tincs for the habitat. My search function on the forum...
  6. General Discussion
    So I just made this video talking about my display Vivarium and I thought I would share it here. I went through and showed some of the plants I have growing and I showed how I have the misting, fans, lighting, and drain set up. As I was talking about all this I tried to fit in some tips on...
  7. Beginner Discussion
    I see a lot of threads that are about the common mistakes made by new hobbyists. How about some of you seasoned hobbyists/professionals give us some keys to success? For example; 1) Read Read Read. Study as much as possible. Use the experiences of others to improve your knowledge so you...
1-7 of 7 Results