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  1. General Health & Disease Treatment
    I went to check on my 4 month old froglets (3) in there small 128oz grow-out container and they were all dead. I raised the, from tadpoles that I got in december. This is my first time having frogs and I don't know what happened. I fed them yesterday and they were all doing great (active...
  2. Breeding, Eggs & Tadpoles
    Hi everybody, I've got a pair of azureus and I'm hoping to get them to breed. They are currently in a "dry season" as I wanted to wait to breed them until my semester ended. My semester is now over and I'm about to begin increasing the humidity again to get things going in the jungle. I've...
  3. Dendrobates
    I was going to get some Oyapock but they were available very late this year so I decide to ask the breeder what was in stock right now or before May. He had Citronella, Matoury, Tumucumaque, Awarpe, Regina and 4 seven months Oele Marie albino. I was really interested in the Tumucumaque until...
  4. Identification Forum
    Hi new to this board, have had this frog since the beginning of the year now so it's about 10/11 months old and am looking at pairing it up but am not sure if it's a male or female can anybody help? Thanks.
  5. Dendrobates
    Just excited for these new adults. "no, no pictures please" Sitting in front of a fog stream Getting cozy magnetic caves aren't just for arboreal frogs ** note they are in a 12" tall cage - the cave goes from floor to ceiling ** Thanks for looking! - Jen
1-6 of 37 Results