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  1. Dendrobates
    Hey guys, I have a trio of suspected 2.1 cobalts they are 12-14 months OOW. The one male has a narrow back and it’s obvious to me but the other seems to resemble the female back arch to me, though I’m super new at this. Though I think I do finally see the large toe pads. I’ve been able to...
  2. Beginner Discussion
    Hey everyone, question here: I am overlooking my viv as tomorrow I get my frogs.. I had a cork hallow half that I was going to use as a hideaway (I was original going to get a few leuks). As the place I get my supplies is going to give me free Cobalt Tincs, I was wondering if it would be better...
  3. Dendrobates
    I have a female n a male cobalt is it safe just to put them together or is the a certain way and whats the correct sizes do they have to b befor i put them together
1-3 of 3 Results